Q: How to buy video.

A: Select the video you want to buy, add it to the shopping cart, fill in your name, address, zip code and contact number, and credit card number and date ,tick “I have read and agree to the terms and conditions of this website” , then click the checkout, the payment is complete, and the download link will appear Appears automatically. Click Download to complete.

Q: Can video files only be played on the computer?

A: No, the video on this site supports mobile phones, tablets and computers.

Q: How about the download speed?

A: The website has been upgraded and the download speed is very fast.

Q: Why does the credit card payment fail?

A: Because the credit card institution has risk control (a credit card can only pay 3~4 times within 24 hours), it can reduce multiple orders of the same customer as much as possible, so it is necessary for customers to purchase videos as much as possible. All the good videos are added to the shopping cart, and then click checkout. Please contact us if you have any questions  my email: 158038548@qq.com.

Q: How to buy long hair?

A:Please fill in your name, address, zip code and phone number in detail before you pay, we will use EMS.ups.Federal Express to you according to the address you filled in. Another statement (Hair is a special product and cannot be returned after purchase), thank you for your cooperation!If your credit card payment fails, you can choose to use wise to pay , open wise,Choose to remit to my wise account: 158038548@qq.com(lvzhou), if there is anything unclear, please contact my email: 158038548@qq.com.

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